Good Reasons To Focus On Certain Areas

  1.  AFFORDABILITY – The first consideration when purchasing a home should be affordability, so, you don’t end up moving again before you want to.  Also some areas offer much larger homes for the same or lower price than more expensive areas.  If your family life is most important for you, you may consider moving to a more affordable of the country.
  2. LIFESTYLE – You will want to consider the lifestyle features you that are important for you.  I.e. Do you want to be close to, work, water, golfing, schools, shopping, or, in a secluded area away.  Also, how big a house you can purchase in the areas you are looking.
  3. WORK & INCOME – Though some lower priced areas also offer lower pay for employees.  The type of work you do may pay more, giving you a great advantage in a community where prices are lower.   You may be able to purchase a dream home in an area and only afford an apartment in another.  It’s a good idea to explore properties.
  4. SAFETY – Safety is not always affected by price.  It is easy to check police reports for the neighborhoods you are considering by checking the local police website.  Unless you are already familiar with a neighborhood or community, it’s a good idea to check into the local crime report.
  5. FAMILY – Though family should be your number one consideration, you may not be able to enjoy your family as you wish, if you don’t consider the other reasons.  The main consideration for family with most is their children, school, and the future that can be created for their children.  You may want to check ratings on the schools your children will be attending and also the crime reports, before going too deep into your search.
  6.  TRANSPORTATION – Living close to your work can offer many benefits.  You will have more time to enjoy the other things in your life, family, hobbies, etc., and can also save dollars.  With the high cost of fuel, you will want to consider commuting distance if you will need to commute, look into car pools and public transportation.
  7.  FUTURE VALUE –  Some areas have very little growth or can experience decline, and other areas have great growth potential.  Regardless of their potential most areas are also affected by the growth or decline in the economy, both local and national.  You will want to research the trends for the area with future potentials, etc.  as well.