Need Help Putting Together An Action Plan For Your Move? – These Tips Can Help…….

There comes a point in our lives when we realize we need to make a move.  Whether it’s buying a first home, moving up, or downsizing, things can get confusing.  Purchasing or selling a home, for most, is the biggest financial decision one will make.  It can be fun and easy or stressful, depending on how you go about it.   Answering these questions will help you during the process.

  1.  Why am I moving?    List thee important reasons for your move.
  2. What Payments can I reasonably afford?    Reflect on past experiences and think about your future, your family, job growth or declining possibilities.  Contact a Lender. 
  3. How much can I reasonably use for a Down Payment? Do you already have the money saved, are you taking out of a retirement plan, are you borrowing it, etc. 
  4. How much should I have in Reserves?  Having at least a few months in reserve payments can be important to keep stress out of your life.  
  5.  How much will it cost me to move?  It’s a good idea to search at least 3 movers for pricing.  Or, if you are going move yourself, know how much rentals cost.  
  6. What type of Neighborhood do I want?  Do you want to be close to certain features?  Do you want to be by the  beach, certain schools, transportation, , intown, other families, etc.  
  7.  What are the 3 most important features of your home?  Is it the kitchen, backyard, bedroom, styles you like, etc.